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Silky Smooth Skin in 5 Minutes

Silky Smooth Skin in 5 Minutes


Every woman wants smooth, soft skin, but not every woman knows how to get it easily. Silky smooth skin has a luxurious feel to it and body butter is where it's at! The best lotions and top-rated creams can't compare to body butter. The NY Post recently did an article on the top rated brands, I may not agree. There are a few on the list that are fire!

Most Spas provide some sort of skin softening service where they can drench your skin in some form of moisture rich emollients. I recently got to learn one of the coolest skin softening treatments, where your skin is wrapped in chocolate!

 If you didn’t know, chocolate is a fat, and not to break the mood, but how the treatment is prepared, is they heat the fat and oil produced from chocolate, and mix it into another skin lotion base. Thus you have both the chocolate and the lotion working together.

 Now I know we all can’t rush out and get the amount of chocolate you need to do this at home. That would be way too expensive and impractical. Plus you couldn’t rub it all over yourself and get every inch like they do at the spa. So what can you do to have the same silky soft skin without the expense? Here is all you need.

All you need to do is to obtain a really good body butter. Buttauh by Black Pearl's Beauty is amazing! First, take a warm to hot shower, the hotter the better. Why? The heat from the shower not only relaxes your body, and soothes your muscles, but opens your pores.
Shower as you normally would, but at the end, turn the water to a cool setting and rinse. This action will close the pores. Towel dry then massage your body butter all over, not missing one inch of your body.
 The butter is absorbed by your skin like a sponge, locking in the moisture. Your skin will be softer and smoother. Give it a try after a long hard day, and I’m sure it will become one of your favorite bath time rituals.

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